Referred to as web marketing/Search engine online marketing, Internet marketing refers to all different types of  media on the net.  People get exposed to (SEM) search engine marketing everyday without even noticing, (SEO) search engine optimization, banner ads, e-mail marketing, Paid advertisement, and Web 2.0.

Rank On Top can help you with all of these different strategies to increase your advertising power without the added cost of printed promotional campaignes. Using Internet marketings is not only environmentally friendly, it has unlimited possibilities. Changes in Ads can be made with little effort or expense.  Internet marketing can transform a potential sale into a satisfied customer.

If your interested in increasing your revenue on the Internet let us provide a personalized marketing path for your business to take. We have helped both small businesses and large corporations. It’s not the size of the ad that counts it’s how you market it!

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Optimized Online Press Releases

Online press releases continues to gain recognition as a  valuable tool to help your website get results.

Do you have a new online store or site you want to advertise on the World Wide Web?
A great Internet marketing strategy for the any business is Optimized press releases. Optimized press releases are an excellent way to help, online search engines find your site and your content.

Rank on Top Optimized Press Release Service
• Professionally Analyzed, written, edited and optimized for the search engines.
• Includes product images from your storefront
• Distributed by #1 leader in press release distribution by PRWeb™,
• RSS/XML Inclusion
• Press Release will be published within up to 10 industry categories
• Google® News Image
• Yahoo® News inclusion Google™
• Guaranteed* page one placement on PRWeb®.com
• News and MSN™ News Inclusion

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Organic results

Rank On Top, Inc. can get your website top ranked without using costly online ads. It is not necessary to use pay-per click or pay per million to get your website noticed by Search engines.

We analyze your website, offer optimization, suggest recommended attributes you might want to add, suggest better content or update it.

Effective web marketing strategies,

We consolidate our analysis of your website and derive our results into a plan to help you grow fast results into reality. We have a process designed to figure out why your not generating leads and closing the sales. In every business you need to have a path set forth, with our services we provide a top notch approach for you to succeed.

Social media marketing,

Social Media marketing MindMapWe can submit  your site to  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Technorati, basically the top 20 in social media websites that can  help your website rank on top. Why?  well its a real life way to tell the world that you exist and you might have something they want.  As the future of websites turn into live  interactive advertising, your website needs to be somewhat like a 24/7 infommercial that costs you pennies to advertise monthly rather than spending thousands in regular paper and t.v. advertisements.  Interested?

Look at our Basic Mind Map to get a bigger picture.

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Seo website design,

When we create your website we complete the process by making sure your website is optimized. We  analyze your keywords, descriptions, your alt tags, code, flash and video.  This way when your website is uploaded its already optimized and ready to go.

But you cant stop there-that’s only one of the key ingredients of helping your website get visitors.

Next is Internet marketing as you need to let everyone know who you are and spread the word of your new arrival on the Internet.

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Digital video and audio production,

We have a team of professionals who can make digital presentational videos for your website as another way to interact with your visitors other than words.

Competitive Analysis,

Our competitive analysis option seeks out your top 10 competitors and gives us the feedback to use as a tool to help your website overcome  what your websites is missing that your competitors are surpassing you on.

Offline marketing techniques,

Offline marketing techniques is sometimes a great way to get your website localized and really help your name get recognized.

Here’s some samples for you:

Business Magazines, Newsletters, promotion radio spots, flyer’s, business cards, local bulletin boards, your local government for new business start ups, your local commerce, referrals, cold calling on-spot, affiliates.
All these are just a portion of offline marketing techniques that might help in your advertising, Rememeber the best marketing is free so if you have a client list use that to your advantage.

Target Marketing, Search Engine Rankings.

We offer a complete full focused analysis and case study of your products that give you the leverage to pinpoint whats working and whats not and effectively taking you’re conversions and re-implementing them in a new creative scenario.