Search Engine Optimization

Local Seo Services is a process of Targeting your businesses Towards your Local City or Town.

How we do that is On-page (your website) and Off -page (Citation/aggregator Sites) Edit’s.

This helps the search engines understand what your business is about. Where your located & what it’s about.

Why is This Important?

So They can mаtсh you wіth роtеntіаl customers іn уоur area Looking For Your Product.

You Need Three Things For Local SEO

Google My Business

Organic Ranking


We Will Start with Google My Business.

Google my business photo

Haven’t Claimed your Google My Business Yet? Well you should.. It’s FREE ASAP!

Does it help get your business found? Allows your business to pop up more Truth!

Takes Only A Couple minutes! This is 2020 yellow pages on steroids FACT!

What it needs from you.

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address
  3. Business Phone Number

We Call it N.A.P.

Once you click to claimed it and it’s being verified. You can go in and add Hours, Website. You can’t do much until you get it verified. What google is doing is making sure your business is really you.

When you get your post card or verification from phone you can verify your GMB. Watch the video on how to claim it.

Sweet! You Finally have your GMB Claimed!

Now the fun starts!

So now you thinking big deal I claimed my Google My business. Well. With that being said. Every time anyone searches for something on Google for like restaurants, bars, a hardware store, a roofing company, any type of company. I think you get the point. 

What pops up is the map section with all the businesses right there. Now you can get directions, you can call them, you can message them, you can make orders, you can go to the businesses website. You can look at deals, and so on.

Well. Guess what? You can Now do all of that yourself with your GMB or have someone set it up for you, to get everything connected.

The Fun thing with your New GMB listing is Now you can not only do everything mentioned above. You can make posts, just like on FB. You can post pictures, videos, you can make coupons, Call to Action buttons, you can create your services, add more categories for your business, add service area (city or multiple cities), you can now respond to reviews. And more. 

Why is all of that important? Because it not only helps you generate calls or foot & web traffic. It helps your business stand out. But one thing it helps is.. THE RANKING OF THE MAP AREA. (Can’t guarantee yours will rank) (that’s what we do) Generally we all pick the map area and usually one of the top 5 even though, Google only shows you 3. And on cell phones, you want to be found by someone so you can get lead’s, traffic As to why important to be up there on the top.

That’s it for now as this is just one part of Local Seo.

Want us to help you with yours? We can set it up? make sure everything is filled out correctly and help you pick the right categories and help you optimize it to match your websites information. Remember Google picks who’s info is most relevant and that’s what we do is make you pop out and get you in the top 5 spots.. Just like you got here.

We can help You Dominate on the Google maps.

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These are parts of seo that we do for locals. still getting this page done.

Full website seo analysis.
This is needed so we can find problems and weaknesses and then fix what’s needed for optimal online reach thru the search engines.

Full competitor analysis.
Is a very important element that analyzes where your competition is ranking online. Giving us a blueprint of what goals to set.

Full On page seo optimization.
We fix your titles, descriptions and content infrastructure for better organic reach thru the search engines.

Google+/ maps optimization.
Proper utilization of your business listing and set up & optimization for better local placement & reach.

Optimization for yahoo & Bing.
We don’t only focus on Google. Cross search engine platform inclusion is a must.
Top authority back-links included.
Getting good neighbors online pointing to your website gives you online reputation.

Branding optimization.
Keeping it simple and to the point builds easier relations.

Ongoing url ranking & tracking.
We track results to see your online growth and gives us the ability to determine weak points to address & build upon.
Ongoing off-page seo optimization.
This is where we keep building connections to your web website. Creating more presence online for your business. Thus giving your website continued growth in ranking, authority & sales.

*Video optimization & ranking
*PPC – Pay Per Click analysis & optimization * can be implemented under a week.
* = Different terms & prices apply.

We offer many services from full social media management, full branding, business coaching & collaboration, online presence developmental structure analysis & responsive recourse of action plan from any standpoint to improve online rankings.

Must be U.S.A local based.

Website rankings will vary based on competition & time & industry.
Ranking usually can be seen in 3 weeks after completion of services.
We as any company truthfully cannot guarantee rankings.
Rank on Top does offer a guarantee of work completed & increased online presence.

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