Increase Digital Business Presence In 5 Easy Steps.

Increase online presence and get your website ranked higher increasing sales.

Hi there.  Ready?.. Here we go.

How to increase online presence.

1. Type in your niche in Google search and look at your competitors websites.
Gather important info you see on these websites and compare with your own website. What do these sites have that your don’t, and is it working for them? Do Not Steal their content!. Get Ideas. can you do it better?

Drot down a small list of touch ups you can do, like Alt-tags, keyword your links without spamming, add a contact button for immediate communication, add your social media buttons with tags, add a live help option (script) to really get close to your customers. or add a opt-in option for your newsletter and so on.
Now complete your analysis and recheck your content you might be able to add more without even realizing it.

2. Use your mail marketing contacts and create a giveaway or contest with links to the actual contests, Include coding (links, Qr codes,  links to funnel pages) to drive traffic and help Spreads the word.
Hint: Send this to your colleagues, everybody likes to win something.

3. So your creative? when is the last time you sent out teasers.  whats hot, whats not? whats new? whats upcoming?
I think you get the message.

4. Do you have a testimonials page (real ones not fake!)? If so, are your past clients able to submit without your approval? So you can send them a request to give you recommendations? or send them to a business directory that has one and link back to your website.

5. Have you missed putting your business on Google GMB, Bing or Yahoo maps? or Bing Web tools?
Don’t forget when doing this, look at what other sites are in the 10 spot and remember Google only uses certain keywords words to pop it up. In other words compare your keywords with the websites that are already listed. Do Not Spam as that can result in getting banned.

If you noticed these are ways for You to reach out.

P.S. When is the last time you called someone locally and offered a special?

Ok. that’s all I have time for as this has helped increase our online presence and sales.