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Do you want an affordable effective way to advertise your business?

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For $129.99 per year Gets you everywhere!

This service will allow your company to get a detailed local and national directory listing on All major Online Yellow Pages and Search Engine sites. Cell Phones and Mobile devices such as Blackberry and iPhones.

This includes non web directories including 411 directory assistance, in car GPS navigation and Telematics such as OnStar.

Get listed in Search engines, Mobile searches & in-car navigation listings

Businesses need to be found wherever consumers look In Print, Online, in the Car, on the Phone, etc. Take advantage of “free” advertising by having your business information accurate and up to date on All major listings. The perfect business solution for companies with a limited budget for Marketing. True, you could spend hours registering your business yourself into each individual Search Engine, Portal, Online Yellow Pages, Navigation System and Directories. Why waste your time and money by using slower solutions, when we can do it ALL.

We offer this service at a price low enough that it is cost effective for any business. The best possible local and nation wide exposure of your businesses public information and contact data. Imagine your company being listed with accurate up-to-date information Now! Get listed today for the low cost of $129.99!  This is truly an effective way to reach out to consumers.

How do you get this?  We submit your information within 24 hours to to all of the big guy’s. however some directories will update their information within days or weeks, but others do not refresh their data for a month or two. We cannot control that, but we can assure you we will make the data available to them immediately.

Check out some of the current local and nation wide listings available.

411 DA  ALK -CoPilot AOL  Ask  AssistGuide   Windows Live   Yahoo! Local   Yellow Book Yellow Bot   Yellow Page City   Yellow Pages   YellowPagesInc   Yelp  YP. City Search   Collarity   DENSO Auto Nav.Disney   GetFave   Go2  Google  IBegin   Idearc   Info USA   InfoSpace   Insider Pages. JVC GPS  kgb_USA/infonxx   Kudzu   LiveDeal   Localeze   Lowrance/Navico   LSSI – VoltMenu Network   Merchant Circle   Mojo Pages   Onstar   Open List   Quebecor/ Bug   Spock   Super Pages   TeleAtlas   Telemap   Tellme   Topix   V-Enable. viaMichelin   Vindigo/Zingy

Local Search MobileYahoo! Google AOL Citysearch SuperPages WhitePages
Yelp Quebecor/canoe inc infoSpace/Idearc Ask BlackBerry/RIM infoUSA Express Update Acxiom
Dex iBegin Insider Pages OpenList Yellow Book Yellow Page City Yelp Disney Merchant Circle Collarity Yellow Bot YP Menu Networks Mobio Networks Search Bug Spock Topix Zingy Deep Data AllPages
LocalMatters BeanPool HelloMetro OneCallNow Search Initiatives Electronic Directories (Yellow Pages, Inc)

GPS Navigation / Mapping/ MapQuest /OnStar /tomtom /Lowrance TeleAtlas /DigiWalker ALK /ViaMichelin Zenrin/ 411/LSSI INFONXX V-Enable TellMe

Steps to order:

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For $129.99 per year Gets you everywhere!

Please call if you have questions 612-325-9752

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